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Home/Gluten Free Sweets, Gluten Free, Vegan/Nice Kitty Mixed Bites (GF & Vegan) | 10 Pack

Nice Kitty Mixed Bites (GF & Vegan) | 10 Pack


$5.08 Off

These bites are SO delicious, it’s hard to believe they’re free from refined sugar, gluten, and dairy (and 100% vegan!) They come in a 10 pack and can be popped into the freezer.

Our Nice Kitty Mixed Box contains:

  • 2 x Macho Mocha Bites
  • 2 x Picky Pineapple Bites
  • 2 x Craving Caramel Bites
  • 2 x Mighty Mint Bites
  • 1 x Blissful Bounty Bite
  • 1 x Cheeky Cherry Bite

All included products are 100% natural, vegan, gluten-free and refined sugar-free.




Macho Mocha – Dates, raw almonds, coconut, organic raw cacao powder, vegan dark chocolate, coconut cream, coffee.

Picky Pineapple – Dehydrated pineapple, dates, raw almonds, coconut, organic agave syrup, coconut oil, vegan white chocolate, natural pineapple extract, turmeric.

Craving Caramel – Dates, raw almonds, coconut, organic agave syrup, almond butter, vegan white chocolate, coconut oil, natural caramel extract, natural vanilla extract.

Mighty Mint Bar – Dates, raw almonds, organic raw cacao, coconut, mint, extract, vegan dark chocolate, spirulina powder.

Blissful Bounty – Coconut, organic raw coconut oil, pure maple syrup, organic vanilla extract, organic dark vegan chocolate.

Cheeky Cherry – Vegan dark chocolate, desiccated coconut, organic coconut oil, dried tart cherries, pure maple syrup, beetroot powder, natural cherry extract.


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